FCE PROFILES: Yinka Rythmz Up Close & Personal

In FCE Profile interviews, our featured artists present themselves to their fans in the most personal and intimate manner. This week we will be getting up and close with Nigeria’s multi-talented music artist Adeyinka Adeola Hazzans popularly known as Yinka Rythmz.  Here is an exclusive for you in his own very words. Saying it as it is…

Adeyinka Adeola Hazzans popularly known as Yinka Rythmz, Omo Mr. Somebody, Mr.Gbas Gbos is a US based artist who has traveled and performed all over the US.  When asked about his music, Yinka will say he specializes in modern authentic classical Afro Fuji dynamic styles. That his ability to compose and fuse hip-hop, trado-Fuji, juju, Highlife, “naija” R&B and jazz into his style makes him unique amongst his peers.
Yinka Rythmz’s versatile genre of music and performances has brought home multiple awards. Some of which are:

Omo Mr. Somebody has featured and performed with the great likes of late Dr.Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, Alhaji. Kollington Ayinla, Mr. K1 De Ultimate, Abass Akande Obesere, Saheed Osupa, Sir Shina Peters, Rasheed Ayinde, Mike Okri, Dele Taiwo and many more.
Music seems to be a dominant theme in his family as he is the son of one of the legends of fuji music; Late Alhaji Rasheed Adio a.k.a second barrister a.k.a Mr. Somebody.

Yinka Rythmz is organizer of the up and coming popular annual end of year show I Am Somebody in Las Vegas. He has three singles with music videos which include 5 Points, “Morocco” feat Yemi Stylezz and “Row ur Boat”. He has over 12 singles with collaborations with Artists such as 9ice, Oritshefemi, Paul PSquare, Niniola, Emmanyra, Chivibes, and others.
FATAL: Tell us and your audience about the most crucial thing that ever happened in your life. It could be a near death experience. Something that hit you right close to the heart.
IN 2011, DURING MY FIRST TOUR themed “Gbas-Gbos”. being the fact that I was not as popular/famous as I was now and moreover nobody knew who I was. our approach is to promote via social media and the in house promoter (also known as the city promoter/venue marketer) promotes via word of the mouth or through their customers. we provide every marketing materials (flyers, bill posts, posters and hand bills. most of the materials were sent out 3 months prior to the date of the show in each city. it was very shocking and disappointing that upon getting to new jersey on the night of the show to set up. the owner was surprised to see us because she was never informed we were coming to perform that night.

the promoter never took us serious. it was really heartbreaking. our mail that was sent 3 month prior was being opened right in front of us…so  thank god the owner was really sympathetic and she got on the phone to personally invite 20 of her friends to come out and we end up performing to 20 people in new jersey…. A lady grabbing my private area…my security took care of it…i think that was ooohhh oookk moment…
CUT: Here is where you tell us about that decision that changed your life. That day you said enough is enough. The day you decided to take charge of things in your life, career or family. The turning point.
2009, may 9th my father passed away and an artist night was organized to celebrate his accomplishments as one of the legend of Fuji music. that very night I was given the opportunity to address the crowd and appreciate all that came to honor my dad. so the crowd and few musicians that were there that night started teasing me to show them I am the true son of my father by singing…immediately I started singing the whole hall was silent and everybody were in tears. I was made to believe that I sound exactly like my father. on that day I was instructed and mandated by family, friends and my father’s bosom fans to hold on to his legacy…I believe I made the decision to start singing right from that moment…this change my life entirely because it created a whole new responsibility into who I was and what i was planning for my future.

ENTERTAINMENT: Something exciting and exclusive that nobody knows about you. It could be about your life, career or family. Something juicy for your audience to keep them waiting. Hopefully not forever 🙂
right from when I started my tour…I’ve always been setting aside a few change for camera crews to capture my lifestyle and behind the scenes of the things that I go through before the shows, concerts, parties or exhibition…so there are series of documentaries about me, my band, my family, challenges and achievements…they will be coming out very soon …
i am a very easy going individual, i am the choir master of my church for 13 years and the background of all these is God almighty…i have a non profit organization and a foundation called I AM SOMEBODY

This FCE Profile interview has been published as is in the words of Yinka Rythmz himself. Also worth noting, Yinka has a six track analog fully orchestrated Album featuring over 40 instrumentalists set to be released in January 2018. More to come on this.

 Here is how you can Contact Yinka Rythmz:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxFMbf3vS7eSjXrtSqP2PAg
Twitter: @YinkaRythmz
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yinkarythmz
IG: @officialyinkarythmz
Website: www.yinkarythmz.com
Enjoy this excerpt from his appearance at the 2017 Ankara Festival in Los Angeles:

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