FCE Profile: Yung Meagan reveals how she rose above depression!

Yung Meagan is a Europe Based Cameroonian rapper, who is fast rising the echelons of fame with her acute punchlines, versatile flow, and gorgeous physique.


I was at a low point in my life, where nothing was working out. Depression hit me & I closed myself completely. Living alone, I didn’t like to go out or go see a friend to confide in them during my hard times. That night was the worst, and out of no where, deep tears started rolling down my face & I started praying, praying like I never prayed before. I knew about God because I grew up as a Christian but I didn’t KNOW God. That night, God’s presence overwhelmed me so much that I knew at that moment, whatever I was going through was taken care of. It changed my life.


Everybody who knew me at a tender age knew how timid I was. I never knew my potential. People will compliment me but I never believed in myself. It affected every aspect of my life because I stopped myself from doing things out of fear of not succeeding. School, music, relationships etc Then I realized, I don’t lose anything in trying, do I? How could I lose what I don’t have? I got tired of being my biggest enemy. I had a mic in my room. I recorded this track I named “ Straight Up” & dropped it. I was 16.( Still available) I wasn’t scared of feedback anymore, I wasn’t scared of not being enough anymore. That’s when I knew I had finally accepted myself. Self love is the biggest quality ever.


My career as an upcoming rap artist started out pretty badly. My dad is a well renown journalist/politician. My mom is a movie director so they have a certain reputation to protect. When I dropped my first single “ Like This” , I had a fall out with my dad because he did not understand why such a smart, and ambitious young lady like myself would do something like that. I’m a medical student as well so my dad didn’t want me to get distracted. I sat him down & explained to him that music helps me express myself in a way I couldn’t in my everyday life. It must not always be my story but stories anybody could recognize themselves in. My dad & mom today are my biggest fans 😂

Check out her latest video below:

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