FCE Profile: Up, Close and Personal Tutu B

Tutu B is a Cameroonian artiste.


Loosing my dad has been the experience that still hits me close to my heart. He was and still is my hero and loosing him at a young age… my life changed forever. He used to always tells his children ( me and my brothers) “the cow does not know the use of its tail untill it is cut” I never understood till he passed away.


Growing up in a home where my parents were very strict on education; declaring my intention to do music was a taboo! This ate me up inside so much because I wasn’t one to talk much; my only escape was music. Even when I opened up to a few friends no one took me serious. So I found my self in a little depression.

When I lost my dad my world came crashing. I made a conscious decision to make him proud of me and that gave me the courage to follow up my education and do music at the same time. To honor his wishes for me and my own dreams.


Something nobody knows about me is that I have a crush on Ewube’s voice. 😁

I just worked on these new songs which I can’t wait to share real soon.

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