FCE Profile: Shaz escapes death and survives domestic violence!

Shaz is a UK Based Cameroonian pop artiste.


A Fatal moment in life was when I had an accident. I was about 14 years or there about , I was a singer in my church. The only young girl in a choir full of elderly people. We had a conference and I was supposed to lead the praise and worship service. My mom asked me to take some clothes out the backyard but I was so focused on getting to church. Rushing out I had asked my sister for 100frs and she said she didn’t have … I said she was wicked, jokingly, and I kicked off to church.
I looked back and a big truck with sand approached me, and the next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital.
This experience made me appreciate life so much, every second could just be the last second and it also made me think that it doesn’t matter whether you are a child of God, it doesn’t stop the enemy from attacking you. In a second, a mother would have lost a daughter, a sister would have lost a sister and a father would have lost his child.


Enough is Enough! I have those moments. The main one I had was when I found myself in a very abusive relationship. How abusive, it was emotionally and physically brutal. They used to say “If he doesn’t beat you, then he doesn’t love you.” Most of my friends had men who beat them so for a moment it seemed ok. I endured, when I was operated upon, this guy came to my hospital ward and beat me up, and on several other occasions. I finally said “enough is enough” and took a walk. It wasn’t very easy but I had to walk out .


Apart from music, I do a lot of writing . I feel like I will write a movie one day and it will be such a classic. I write little stories every now and then but I am hoping to explore that side of my talent .

Check out her latest video below :

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