FCE Profile: Roqzen spills the tea about his upcoming collaboration with Mr Leo!

Roqzen is a budding rapper from Cameroon, who has created his unique lane in the industry by making rap music in his local dialect. He rose to fame in 2016 after Nigerian rapper; MI, was seen vibing hard to his single ‘woso.’ Since then, Roqzen remains one of those Cameroonian talents to be on the lookout for.


My near death experience was when I had an Appendectomy surgery at the General hospital in Yaounde. I was used as an experiment for students on internship without my knowledge. During the surgery a set of interns came in and were learning from the doctor that was operating me and unfortunately, the anesthesia in me got finished before due time and I started feeling all the pains. Then I started choking and coughing nonstop and I don’t know how I got my breathe back but was told I was injected with another anesthesia to finish the process while I was asleep already.


I didn’t grow up rich nor from a rich family but at this age I’ve actually been through a lot. to survive and still doing that. I started music at an early age, back in high school. I always knew it was my thing, but couldn’t put it over my education because I didn’t have a mind of my own(fear of failing my family and messing up with my education). Then while I was rounding up with my masters 2 program, the strike came in and turned my life around, since we could not school for years , so I just decided to make music my first priority because that is what I always wanted to be; An artist.


I’m very excited to share my first big collaboration and that is with Mr Leo. He is a blessing to me and an inspiration as well. This was supposed to be a surprise to my fans but I can’t hold onto it for too long. They don’t know what’s coming but all I know is they will go crazy about it.

Check out his latest video:

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