FCE Profile: Crispy reveals it all!

Crispy is a Cameroonian rapper whose lyrical prowess and hard core punchlines make him stand out in the Cameroonian Music Sphere.


2015, I suffered from depression, I didn’t talk to any of my family members because they had given me two options:
OPTION A : Stop music, finish school, travel and continue school (get a job). or OPTION B : Continue doing music and forget about the family, and allowance, I wasn’t welcomed home, no food, nothing!
I went for OPTION B. At first, everything was great but after a while, everything went South, I barely ate, barely slept, suicidal thoughts roaming in my head. And as usual, most of my friends disappeared. I had nothing. I ate cold food, raw spaghetti… Only about two people knew what I was really going through.. Thank God, after about 8 months, I reconciled with my mother and now she’s my biggest fan although of course she’s still worried but at least she believes in me now.


In 2016, I felt like I was loosing my mind, with my dad gone, and mum & kid sis to take care of, I had to find a way to do something for myself and for them. I went to a monastery in Bamenda and stayed there for a while. I went there for “Reflection, Reconnection, and Recollection”. And also to stay away from some bad habits I had picked up somewhere along the road lol. I needed to build my mind. I think it was life changing because by the time I left the monastery, I was a whole new person with a stranger mind.


Well let’s just say I have too many songs to quit now.. Hahaha.

Check out his latest video:

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