FCE Profile: Close and Personal with Tboi!

Tboi is a Cameroonian Entrepreneur, Singer, Producer, Songwriter, graphic designer, filmmaker and video director. He has collaborated with several A-List Cameroonian artistes in his capacity as video director and producer, and he is steadily marking his path as a multi-talented entertainer!


I am the first in a family of 4 children. Our dad died when we were still very young. I had to grow up really fast so I could support my mom. This meant that I could not have the typical fun Cameroonian children had; sneaking around with friends and all. I learned how make and manage money quite young. I remember in primary school, people used to pay me to do their “handwork” as I was really good with Arts and craft. That eventually resulted in me becoming a graphic design artist and filmmaker.


We all know how life after the university is, in Cameroon. I have written all the public exams I could possibly write. Name a company, my CV is there. I was in survival mode. Doing little things here and there to make ends meet. Eventually I found work at an office. I have never been one for a routine life…set alarm to Wake up early , go to work, sit on your desk from 8 to 5, come back home in the evening, eat and sleep and repeat. I have watched people live like this their whole lives and it terrified me becoming one of them. God knows I needed money but I had to choose between spending the rest of my life sitting behind a desk, waiting to be paid at the end of the month or going out into the world to do what I love. So I quit. Hardest thing I did back then. I spent the next months at home like “oh shit, what did I just do” lol I’ll wake up in the middle of the night thinking about my life. My brain was on fire. I have been doing music for fun here and there but that’s when I decided to take a chance and hope to God that everything will be OK.
That’s when I went to Alpha Better Records and released my first solo track “Not Faraway” in which I poured out my heart. One thing led to another from there that brought me this far.


One of the reasons I haven’t been releasing songs regularly is because I used to find it hard communicating to producers and engineers the exact idea in my head. I’ll go to the studio with a rap song but by the time we’re done, the song will turn out to be Makossa.
I have been learning some sound engineering. My latest single “Just Call Me” was my first successful end-to-end attempt. I wrote the song, produced the beats, recorded, mixed and mastered it myself. Still have a lot to learn though… Baby steps. So soon I will be releasing good music to you guys on a regular basis.

Check out his latest video:

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