FCE Profile: Chick Nick like you’ve never seen him before!

Chick Arthur Nick Fusi aka Chick Nick is a Cameroonian artist, musician and song writer. His love for music was very evident at a young age when he started playing the piano and later the guitar. He later met some friends in high school who owned a studio and that was his kickoff point. He put out his first single in 2014 produced by Dijay Karl which gained much appraisal and was featured on notjustok.com (that was a big deal back then). He was inactive for about 3 years during which he left Cameroon to pursue his education. He put out his comeback single ‘Contrôler’ in 2018 which earned him a nomination as Best African Act in Diaspora at the AFRIMA Awards 2018 and subsequently earned him two Awards in Cameroon. Chick Nick is definitely one of those Cameroonian talents to follow!


I had a car accident back in 2013 in Bamenda precisely foncha street for those who can relate, with a very close friend of mine (no name dropping). It was one of those evenings that you feel lazy of not very hyped to step out but like they say “die di call you.” I left home and for some reason insisted and convinced my older brother to borrow me his car for a driving session with my friend who is older and is a better driver, given I had just freshly graduated from driving school. As I took over the steering on a long bumpy road around 11pm when few cars drove by, a Hilux pickup car drove towards me from the opposite end with very intense headlights. I panicked and drove left, right and left until I had a head on collision with this car. The shock was crazy, I actually thought I died until after some seconds which felt like hours. My brothers ‘poor’ Toyota Yaris was twisted like a sheet of paper and we kept wondering how we came out alive. The worst part was facing my brother and family … I had never felt so close to death before but God definitely came through.


I remember in 2015 when I freshly arrived in China for school, I received a call that my ‘Spiritual Mentor’ is dead. He was a young vibrant minister of God in his early 30’s, a year of marriage with a new born and a booming ministry. He died from after a brief medical complication. He was a life coach and a model I watched growing up as a man, he rekindled my vision when I hit low points. When this happened I sincerely asked myself so many questions about life, vision and God. This was indeed a turning point for me as a person to chase my dreams like He did because I bet He died a fulfilled man though he might not have had the chance to enjoy the fruits of his work. Tomorrow is definitely not promised, reason I chase my dreams with no reservations and with all I got.


I have been in a relationship for almost 5years and I bet few people know that or have any idea of who I am with. Hopefully the future will unveil more if necessary. I am also presently working on a major collaboration with a Camer’ A-list artist if there is category of that sort. LOL. Hopefully my supporters and fans will love it because I worked with this ‘guy’ in my earlier days but did not put out the song for some reasons but the feedback from those who heard the song was crazy. This is a collabo to look forward to in the nearest future.

Check out his latest video :

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