FCE Album Spotlight Review: Fizzorapp’s "12:24"

Artist: Fizzorapp
Background: In today’s oversaturated world with so many albums to listen to, album art can be the differentiating factor that pulls a fan into an artist’s world. The piece presented for Fizzorapp’s debut album “12:24” tells a personal story in one frame that captures the theme of this album beautifully.

Album: 12:24

  • Release Date: October 6, 2018
  • Number of Tracks: 12
  • Record Label: Ozzif Records, Houston, USA
  • Length: 44.17 minutes
  • Get Fizzorapps’s debut studio album 12:24 now: https://fizzorapp.hearnow.com/

12-24Album Art: The cover shows Fizzorapp carrying his daughter, Tyra, who was born on December 24, 2018 at 12:24 p.m. He appropriately named his debut album “12:24” to mark this magical time in his life as he transitions into fatherhood and is making his first release into the music scene as a recording artist.
The album opens with the title track “12:24 PM” that celebrates the arrival of his daughter. It is a dedication to her and a promise that he will do what it takes or hustle to provide for her. The track maintains an upbeat tempo with an African xylophone and a sax instrumental that blend well together. The second track “La Fete” continues the upbeat Afrobeat tempo that speaks to Fizzorapp’s roots from a multicultural background incorporating the French language spoken in a majority of his home country, Cameroon. The video to this track was released on Aug 28, 2018 as part of the promotion for the new album and received good reviews.
“American Story” is a Hip-Hop fan’s anthem on the album. Fizzorapp raps his pain out painting a picture of his plight as an immigrant trying to make it in America. His flow stays in the pocket throughout the track.
Other notable highlights of the album include track #7 “No Problem” which captures an Afrobeat vibe and is mos def a cruising banger for that bass subwoofer in your truck. “The Struggle” is Fizzorapp’s social commentary about the hard times young people in his home nation of Cameroon are facing under the prolonged economic crisis in the failing state.
The album closes with choruses of gratitude to his better half in the track “Finally”, a dedication to his mother in “Moma Story” and God in “Papa”. The album comes full circle and shows that Fizzorapp in rooted firmly in his family.
Fizzorapp kicked down the door with his debut album “12:24” and has planted his flag firmly in the growing Cameroonian Afrobeat/Hip-Hop scene. The production on this album is also good and features refreshing vocals from a few artists. Fizzorapp carries most of the lyrical weight of the album and delivers a good album for his debut.
FCE Album Spotlight Score: 7/10
Support good music and purchase or download Fizzorapp’s album “12:24” via this link https://fizzorapp.hearnow.com/
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