OUT NOW: FCE Spotify Playlist of 100% Cameroonian Music!

In a continuous effort to shine a spotlight on Cameroonian music and entertainment industry, FatalCut Entertainment (FCE) has created a playlist on Spotify. The list highlights solo tracks from the various EPs and Albums that incorporate little to no collaborations.

The list will get a significant amount of promotion and broadcast via FCE website and social media platforms.

Cameroonians consume all genres of good music. If it’s good music, it’s fair play. For the most part, it seems if any genre or song is not appreciated by Cameroonians, then the song or artist is yet to pass the test of time. Nonetheless, Cameroon music has been trapped for decades.

The most exported original genre of Cameroonian music is Makossa. Soul Makossa has it’s unique universal appeal but one would not stop pondering what a well produced track blended with Soul Makossa and Trap or Afro-beat/Afro-pop could do to this new generation hungry for the next musical movement.

Enjoy FCE Spotify playlist:

Food for thought; What is Soul-Trap?

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