Relindis Mbu’s bold bet on Africa’s talent through VIJONA!

After living in the US for over nineteen years, Relindis Mbu, Founder of Vijona Africa asked the inevitable question of “What’s next for Africa’s talent?”

Watch the world premier of her insightful interview as she sat down with FatalCut Entertainment crew in Los Angeles, California in June 2019.

Vijona is a youth capacity building organization for third world nations and minority communities with focus on 7-17 year old.

“Our goal is to enable our targets to discover themselves very early in life and  make them self-advocates of their future through a contextualized life plan based on their personality, talents and abilities rather than deferring to the suggestions of influences around them. We create a platform to help them discover, develop and deploy themselves – empower them to create sustainable solutions for their communities.”

Vijona executes its Mission through the following Initiatives:

1) Empower Workshops

2) Vijona Africa Contest

3) Pathway Program

4) Vijona Africa Connect

2019 was the pilot year for Vijona and it broke ground in 3 of 54 African countries; Ghana (May 2019), Cameroon (September 2019) and Nigeria (October 2019). To crown the year and mark the beginning of this talent searching and nurturing journey, an inaugural gala is scheduled for Saturday December 7th at 6 PM PST in California. Dress Code: Black-Tie Formal. Get your tickets here

To contact Relindis and the amazing Vijona team, email or contact them via

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