Description: Nation building is a collective responsibility, regardless of our tribes, our political or religious affiliations. When the right to educate a girl is refused due to traditional beliefs, the society suffers. As is the case with Zenabu, a courageous girl who struggles from rape and early child engagement just to make his educational dreams come true, Full Moon highlights a complex situation between Muslims and Christians. Hence, the FULL MOON!

Event Date: September 27th, 2020

Event Start Time (GMT+1): 1:00 PM

Event Location: Epic Events Center, Ayaba Street, Bamenda, Northwest Region, Cameroon

Event Dress Code: “Be You”

Movie Producer(s): Irene Nangi

Event Organizer(s): Tent Media Corporation

Event Manager(s): Afungfege Evita

Manager Contact(s): +237654903405

Studio(s): Tent Media Corporation

Movie Director: Chefor Leslie

Movie Co-Director: Mobile Dennis


1. ZENABU by Nchini Sylvia-Bright
2. MALAM JAJU by Vugar Samson
3. PAUL by Azuhni Elvis
4. SIRRI by Afah Blessing
5. MUSA by Einstein young
6. MAIMONA by Irene Nangi
7. ALHADJI MUSA by Nsuh George
8.BIH Inocencia Fon 
9. BIH MUM by Mme Janet Chiek
10. PA NGU by Wissy Bernard
11. MALAM JAJA by Albert che
12. NGILA by Marrie loiuse
13. AMINA by Annie Hudson
14. PALACE SEC by Chi Njoya
15. MBEH by Mr Ibrahim Fban


  1. PM: Azuhni Elvis 
  2. MAKE-UP: Chi Blanche 
  3. GAFFER: Nji Betrand
  4. PRODUCTION DESIGNER: Achiri Victor 
  5. COSTUMES: Shuyika Edwin 
  6. CONTINUITY: Afah Blessing 
  7. DOP: Tiwa Emeric 
  8. SOUND: Chi Njoya 
  9. STORY: Mofor Amina 
  10. SCRIPT: Chefor Leslie
  11. SCREENPLAY: Ngang Romanus
  12. PA: Toboh Serdrick 
  13. WELFARE: Mbah Feddy 
  14. UNIT PRODUCER: Fred Alotey 
  15. PRODUCER: Nangi Irene 
  16. CO – DIRECTOR Mbole Denis
  17. DIRECTOR: Chefor Leslie
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