FCE Profile: Toki Lala finds her way back to music!

Toki Lala is a Cameroonian afro-pop artiste.


The most crucial time for me, was when I failed a semester exams that could interrupt the completion of my masters program in international law, I think I didn’t prepare enough for the exams and was some sort of distracted with things that didn’t really matter at that time, it really stroke me so hard and threatened the go-getter in me. I always wanted to practice law and failing an exam was like a near death experience to me,luckily enough I was given another opportunity to retake the examinations and make everything right again.


From my career perspective as an artiste I have faced a lot of drawbacks and lapses that resulted to me making key decisions about my vision, about my priorities, what should come first and what is totally not necessary to have a successful music career. Then came the moment I told myself ; ”Lala” enough is enough “ if you truly want what you want then you should go for it and make it happen . That’s when I took out time, left the music scene for two years. travelled to Ghana. rebranded, restrategized and collaborated with people over there who are doing great in the music and entertainment business. Ofcourse I learnt a lot and created good contacts and I’m here again to exercise the full control I now have over my career.


The exciting thing about me is, I think a lot of people don’t know I’m a lover of fashion and lifestyle, I have been working so hard over the years to set something up for myself and this time my fashion brand is almost ready and I will be bringing it out to you soon, just to say whenever I don’t give music I’m either busy with better music or fashion hihihihi.

Check out her latest video:

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